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turnKey Taxes has redesigned the way that information is analyzed in local government. Rather than only measuring dollars, we also place an emphasis on counts, variance and data validation. Government data is not always perfect so we’re incorporating every data source available to your community. We also understand that the real expertise comes from those that work within your government. In fact, we believe this section could be called ‘About You’.

Our software is a collaborative effort of our users. And as we grow, that means we will only improve. We look forward to those future discussions and enhancements.



The software had to be intuitive enough to identify revenue, have a learning curve of 15 minutes and balance to the penny. We continue to add functionality each month and our customers have repeatedly said this turnKey is by far, the easiest and most cost-effective solution that they’ve ever encountered. We fix problems, rewrite processes and utilize people – our most valuable resource. This is a system that was designed for everyone.

The algorithms and processes used by turnKey will work at the national level. And we are changing the paradigm so that the government maintains one system of record and that the data is standardized. These changes will lead to more transparency in government, accelerate the distribution of monies to our municipalities and school districts and through efficiencies, allow for future tax reductions.

Mark Schuster, Founder & CEO
Call Center: 724-252-3114

Mark is a programmer by trade and caught the IT bug back in 1971. Since 1982, his logic and code has brought innovative solutions to sectors such as Wall St. brokerage, market research, insurance, medical, manufacturing, utilities, waste management, diamonds and now government. Mark believes solutions are found most efficiently by working backwards – from the end result – and knows that the most important asset is people.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford


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